Chips and Camaraderie at Camden

08 Nov Chips and Camaraderie at Camden

The­­ sisters of Kle2 gathered at Camden House this past Friday for the last section of Course 201’s second chapter on repentance. Dinner was a tasty, make-your-own-Vietnamese-spring-rolls affair, complete with shredded chicken, crunchy cucumbers, hoisin-peanut-sauce, soft noodles, fresh lettuce, and habanera-infused fish sauce.



Many, many spring rolls later, we turned our attention to Course 201 and discussed repentance, especially how it reaffirms our belief in the gospel. Behind each sin we commit is a deeper sin – unbelief in some aspect of the gospel – and it takes deeper reflection to figure out the nature of this underlying doubt in our hearts. Therefore, repentance involves not only confession of our sins, but also analysis of how we’ve rejected the gospel, and finally a return to the truth of God’s love and salvation.

After we talked through misconceptions about repentance and prayed for one another, the sister staff continued their daily 7-minute workout challenge by doing crunches, wall sits, pushups, and more in the Camden House living room. While some students joined in and worked out also, most of us were too busy working out our digestive systems instead, munching on chips and savoring pumpkin pie with whipped cream.


We sisters had a sweet night of food and fellowship. See everyone next week at Thanksgiving Retreat!

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