Given Blessings, Giving Thanks

14 Nov Given Blessings, Giving Thanks

Many of us were truly blessed this past Veteran’s Day weekend by Thanksgiving Retreat—three days jam-packed with seeing how God’s been working throughout our church and gaining a deeper gratitude for the gospel. Through Pastor Ed’s messages and sharing from our brothers and sisters at different church plants, we learned about what it means to lead a beautiful life, God’s heart for saving even the one lost sheep, there not being such a thing as a “right time” to obey God’s calling, and much more. Above all, we committed ourselves to receiving the baton from those who went before us, through small steps of obedience toward fulfilling lofty visions for our class, our campus, and beyond.



This past weekend was a reminder of how much we have to be thankful for—the salvation and Lordship decisions of our friends, the older brothers and sisters who made the videos we watched (plus those who were willing to dance in said videos), our friends and leaders who drove us to Alameda each day, the people God used to share the gospel with us, the privilege of serving God and His kingdom, and most of all for God Himself, who brings us together despite our differences and pursues each of us so endlessly.


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