Justice or(and?) Mercy

03 Oct Justice or(and?) Mercy

This past Friday, Kle2 split up into our respective Lifegroups to finish chapter 1 of Course 201! I don’t know about the other Lifegroup, but at Kevin & Em’s we had some pretty bomb sundried-tomato-and-chicken pasta next to a bed of salad greens and freshly toasted baguettes. I kept switching my baguette toppings between the melty baked garlic and creamy honey butter… and I’m getting hungry thinking about it again.

During our C201, we discussed the meaning of “justice” vs. “mercy,” and how our default is to feel as if we “deserve” God’s mercy. Quite the contrary, though, as we watched a fiery passionate message on God’s holiness by R.C. Sproul. God is slow to anger–so slow to anger, in fact, that we are quite shocked and even outraged for the just consequence of our sin. Made a lot of us really reconsider our understandings of God’s holiness.

Afterwards, we hopped in cars to join the rest of Kle2, as well as Kle3 this week! We hung out in HB High School Room with plenty of snacks and board games to keep us happy and satisfied.

Join us next week!! (Two words: SIERRA LODGE!!!)

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