Laser Tagging after C201

18 Sep Laser Tagging after C201

This past Friday at bible study after a delicious meal of meatballs, rice, and salad, we began Course 201! What’s Course 201 you ask? It’s a course written by our church explaining how to connect with God. It’s the sequel to Course 101, teaching the basic foundations of Christianity.

We listened to Pastor Daniel’s audio recording of a couple sections in chapter 1, “Holiness of God”, with Pastor Daniel and Sarah listening in with us. Interspersed with some discussion and snacks, we learned the importance of understanding God’s holiness and knowing ourselves better in light of his holiness.

After that, we headed off to a legit laser tag place in Newark. It was the first time for many of us, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell the way we dodged and aimed at each other.



Join us next Friday for another night of a home-cooked meal, reading God’s word together, and intense fellowship!

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