Repentance isn’t as hard as shooting for the stars

18 Oct Repentance isn’t as hard as shooting for the stars

This past Friday, we split by LifeGroup to cook up some good food and dive into chapter 2 of Course201–“Repentance.”

Regardless of who we were, each of us had this conception of what we thought repentance was. Some words which may have come to mind are: emotional, humbling, or difficult. However, talking through the material helped us reach a more complete understanding of what God’s heart is for repentance. We visited an example of a boy who, after he had accidentally broken a valuable vase in his living room playing baseball, could have had varying reactions when interacting with his dad. From pretending nothing was wrong, to climbing out the window claiming he was “no longer worthy to be a son,” to playing heavy-metal anarchist music, we saw that these were all ways we often avoid repentance and restoring relationship with God.

Following our time in C201, we met up as a HomeGroup at Shooting Star!!! Foodies rejoiced at the sights of popcorn chicken, red bean, and mango gigi.



Join us next week!!

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