RSVP ft. Skipped Banquets and Skipped Beats

29 Oct RSVP ft. Skipped Banquets and Skipped Beats

Following the end of our message series Set Free, this past week we started RSVP! Kevan spoke about the parable of the great Banquet. We discussed the different “good things” that keep us away from God, and the ways in which we make the things we have or the things we want into our Gods. Kevan also told us a memorable story about Babette’s Feast.

Following our bible study, we headed over to various spots in Berkeley. Joe and Irene’s HG allegedly had some crazy games at DL. And if the legends prove true, much jell-o was lost this past Friday. Alex and Will’s HG had a pumpkin carving tournament that resulted in a certain blasphemous pumpkin portrait. Meanwhile at Kevan and Jenny’s HG, hotteuk/brownie making, ice-cream eating, store-game playing, king kong showering went down into the wee hours of the morning. (or maybe it was just midnight – senior year has changed me)

All in all quite a successful KW. Join us next time! And don’t forget to RSVP for The Wedding.

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