Set Free – 2

08 Oct Set Free – 2

Maybe you noticed a little trip last Friday around 6:30pm. Much of southside was affected by a bit of a power outage, including us folks at DL! But not to worry, with our quick thinking and the fearless leading of Irene and co. we quickly rerouted to campus for an out of doors, dusky blue hour dinner.


Following dinner Kevan shared stories with us on failures turning out to be blessings, and promised a set free pt.3 so that we could hear what Joe had prepared for us.


We split up by our homegroups and headed out to various places. Joe and Irene’s HG and Will and Alex’s HG went to Alameda and did mysterious very fun things. My very own KJHG took a fantastic night hike behind Clark Kerr and were treated to an amazing view of the city and all the city lights – the lights that came back after an hour or three.


Following our hike, we went to DL and consumed 4x the calories we burned with Nations pies and cheesecakes, turkey and cheese quesadillas, egg waffles and miraculously unmelted ice cream. And also this happened.

Join us next time for Set Free part 2, 2.0!

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