30 Aug YOSEMITE!!!

This past weekend, Kle2 headed to the wilderness of Yosemite for a weekend getaway! With luggages and Jakey in tow, we arrived to Y-House with plenty of time to explore the house, slurp ramen, and jam.

On Saturday–following a filling breakfast by the morning’s kitchen crew–we piled into the cars and caravan’d our way over to Yosemite National Park. Our first stop was the classic, breathtaking view of Yosemite’s Valley featuring the silently majestic El Capitan and Half Dome in the distance.

Our escapades took us next to a clearing next to a peaceful creek, where we munched on our brown-bagged lunches and skipped rocks. There were more than a few bold ducks vying for our food…


In small groups, we read the day’s devotion in Hebrews 1, shared how God spoke to us through that text, and prayed in response. That was cool- hearing from God’s word, being humbled by the tender love of God through Jesus revealing himself, and sharing our hearts with one another.

Finally, we stumbled on a little clearing where, after taking some cool top-o-the-log pictures, we played an intense game of guys v. gals ultimate frisbee. The catch? The guys were made to play T-REX STYLE. They narrowly beat the gals–we were distracted by the sheer fact that we were playing frisbee against dinosaurs.


For dinner, the guys treated everyone with pork-cooked-2-ways. Needless to say, the tender juiciness of the meat was gone in 2 bites…

That evening, we each shared about our experiences of our freshmen years, as well as casting vision for our upcoming years and coming up with a ‘mantra’ with which to theme our semesters. It was a refreshing and inspiring time among us!

Now that the school year has begun, hope these memories from this weekend encourage and remind you of the beauty of the creation of God 🙂 See you at HomeGroup this Friday!!

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