Forceful Fragrances for Christ

24 Jan Forceful Fragrances for Christ

School has officially begun! Hope everyone is hanging in there.

Our first homegroup of the semester was a study on Luke 7’s story about two very different processions: one headed by the coffin of a dead young man, and another headed by Jesus. Like the widow whose son lay in the coffin, we sometimes find that our lives are rendered hopeless. Sometimes we’re hopeless when it comes to circumstances or emotions, but most of all, we are utterly hopeless before our sins.
However, God isn’t aloof or uncaring. His response to our hopelessness is compassion, because He has the power to take away our pain. He has defeated death by dying on the cross and resurrecting, and if we follow His procession of life, we become the fragrance of Christ to those around us.
Of course, we oftentimes fail to be this aroma to others–but God doesn’t expect us to be stellar. He just wants us to be faithful and surrender our lives daily.
Sophomore year can be tough, but God is with us. The aroma of the muffins from Friday night was delightful, but let’s be even more potent aromas for Christ and walk in the procession of life each day. (:

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