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Food for Thought

Consider the following premises:

  1. Eating food is important to maintaining physical health.

  2. Considering the deeper, bigger questions of life is important to seek out truth and purpose.

  3. Everyone is busy, and no one has time to do anything.

  4. Doing things at the same time increases efficiency and saves precious hours and minutes of our days.

On a completely unrelated note that has nothing to do with the above premises, Klesis is hosting Food for Thought on Thursdays at Durant Loft! It’s a continuation of the previous “Tough Questions” time we had last week, where we’ll have snacks and refreshments to munch on, as well as opportunity to discuss some bigger questions of life, such as:

  • Does God exist?

  • Why is there pain & suffering? 

  • What is the purpose of life?

  • Does science disprove religion?

  • How trustworthy is the Bible?

Hope to see you there!