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Home Groups: HG 1 | HG 2 | HG 3

Welcome to Cal!

Klesis is a campus Christian fellowship at UC Berkeley. Regardless of your background, we invite you to come check us out! From small groups to boba & bowling to Sunday services, we’re a group that loves to hang out, talk about life, & connect with God.


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Gracepoint Berkeley Church


Good luck on finals!

SUN | 5/28 | Sunday Service | 1pm | HB
If you are around, ask your staff for rides!

FRI | 5/26 | Homegroup Fridays

HG1 | HG2 | HG3


Summer Projects 2017

We’re so excited to send out our students and staff this summer to countries like Greece & Thailand and more … for a total of 6 countries!  We’ll be helping the refugees and sharing the love of God.  Summer Projects


Culture of Service

Check out the ways that Klesis & Gracepoint Berkeley are impacting our local and global communities HERE!



Chapel is here for those who like a space to pray and spiritually recharge. There’ll be a live band and a brief devotional sharing from one of the staff or student leaders.

Mon, Wed 10-10:45 PM at DL


HomeGroups: HG 1 | HG 2 | HG 3

Kle2 Family Time + Campfire!

This past Friday we had a special Kle2 Homegroup to celebrate the end of instruction! Instead of meeting at Klesis House...

Bible Study


During Friday night Large Group, we have thoughtful and relevant talks from the Bible. We find that the Bible has a lot to say about our lives and about God. Whether you’ve grown up in church or never stepped foot in one, come join us!

Service Teams


Looking to get involved? There’s a bunch of ways we work together to serve others, love our community, & make Klesis happen. Whether that’s weekly publications, Sunday setup, praise band, serving the youth/elderly, or being a student leader… Check it out!

Life Group


In a Life Group, many of us have found life-long friendships… and together, ask questions about life, God & our purpose. Many students consider Life Group their second home, where people can just be themselves, seek God, and do life together.

Sunday Service


Looking for a church? Join us @ Sunday Service. A bunch of us go to Gracepoint Berkeley Church. Whether you’ve grown up in the church or never stepped foot in one, come join us!