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PASSION EXPERIENCE // Starting 4/10 @ 6PM

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Passion Experience

Excited to let you know about our newly revamped Passion Experience at HB this year! 

HB Version

Passion Experience has started and will be open from 7am-11pm everyday. This year, there will be just one setup in the gym and you will get to experience it as a group.

Each slot can accommodate up to 8 people in 25-minute time intervals.  Please have one representative sign up each person’s name in the group for your time slot. You will need to click “Join” in the time slot every time you want to enter in a new name.

HB-B Right will be setup as the Reflection Room where each life group can end PE together with the Lord’s Supper and personal prayer time.

If possible, please try to save the evening slots for those who are unable to sign up for a daytime slot due to work, etc. 

Passion Experience 2019 - http://tinyurl.com/2019PE-HB


This summer, join us for a 2-week discipleship & training program in the Bay Area with students from all across our Gracepoint churches. Offerings include workshops in everything from tech and music to evangelism and advanced apologetics.


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